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Construction Site Security Cameras – Preventing Theft Before It Happens

Apr 26, 2021 11:59:16 AM / by Titan Team


Construction sites are often unsupervised overnight, and with an abundance of valuable materials, they make ripe targets to thieves and other criminals.
The annual cost of equipment theft is estimated to range between $300 million and $1 billion, and according to the NICB report, only 21% of the stolen equipment was recovered in 2016. The most frequently stolen pieces of equipment are mowers, loaders, and tractors.

It's always hard to lose property, but losing construction equipment goes beyond the loss. It can lead to project delays which upset your completion dates and schedule.
But how can you avoid this?  What is the best way to make your construction site as secure as possible?
Enter job site security cameras.

Construction site security cameras enable operatives to monitor and respond to onsite events at your construction site as they occur. 
Using construction site security cameras, you can avoid:
 Theft: Stolen building materials, machinery, and other valuable tools can be very costly to a construction company. Construction site cameras can help you prevent theft before it occurs.

 Vandalism: The presence of security cameras is a proven powerful deterrent to vandals who may want to cause damage on a construction site.

 Potential injuries and lawsuits: Unmanned construction sites can be dangerous for thrill-seekers or anyone who attempts to explore them.

Construction site security cameras can help you avoid potential injuries and lawsuits that may follow by discouraging people from entering the site.  
How a Security Monitoring Service Prevents and Handles Crime 

A monitoring service like Titan can help you mitigate construction theft. Our highly trained operatives observe your properties 24/7 from a video command center to verify any potential crimes and take action if needed.



The first line of defense against construction site theft is detection. The real-time knowledge that something is wrong at the site enables a quick and effective response from the monitoring team, and sometimes this is all it takes to prevent the theft.

Our Titan professional operatives interact with your property within seconds of any triggered alarm or when a potential threat is detected.  


From the video command center, agents assess the situation in real-time and determine the course of action to take. For example, if the footage shows kids loitering, the agent may give a verbal warning using Voice Down technology before alerting authorities. However, if the video footage shows intruders attempting to steal equipment, the agent will call the police immediately.  

Statistics show that police respond faster to a verified crime as opposed to a suspected one. Therefore, since the agent, using security cameras, will have verified the crime, this allows you an up to 6X faster police response rate. 

An around-the-clock monitoring of the construction site is proactive. It can prevent theft before it happens.  Our operatives can intervene and deter thieves and vandals before they can carry out the act.
A verbal warning to the would-be thieves, letting them know they are being monitored and recorded and authorities have already been alerted, can be enough to send them running. Similarly, agents can also trigger onsite alarms to scare off intruders.
In case of theft or vandalism, video evidence from a construction site time-lapse camera can help law enforcement catch and prosecute the thieves or the vandals.

We Can Help
Thieves will target your construction site if they see it as an easy target. If they have a reason to believe that they will get caught, they will leave your site alone. Well-placed construction site security cameras will not only discourage thieves but also help authorities to catch them if a theft does happen.
Contact Titan Security for all your security monitoring service needs to make sure construction sites from theft. For more information, visit: TPCSecurity.com.
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