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BIGLUX Brand Mobile Solar Power Factory 1
BIGLUX Brand Mobile Solar Power Factory 2
BIGLUX Brand Mobile Solar Power Factory 3
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BIGLUX Brand Mobile Solar Power Factory 1
BIGLUX Brand Mobile Solar Power Factory 2
BIGLUX Brand Mobile Solar Power Factory 3
BIGLUX Brand Mobile Solar Power Factory 4
BIGLUX Brand Mobile Solar Power Factory 5
BIGLUX Brand Mobile Solar Power Factory 6

BIGLUX Brand Mobile Solar Power Factory


Product details of the mobile solar power

Quick Detail

The distinguished design of BIGLUX mobile solar power makes it look more attractive. The high quality and good usability give the product an edge to compete in the global market. mobile solar power developed and produced by BIGLUX Mobile Solar Power is widely applied to many industries and fields. It can fully meet the diversified needs of customers. BIGLUX INNOVATION LTD has always been setting shoulder with the requirements of world-class firms, and aspired to offer good quality products and services.

Product Description

More details of mobile solar power are shown as follows.

Biglux hipower solar power station

 Biglux hipower solar power station with 5520 solar panels can be used for mining, with such a large power support, the trailer can run for 25.6 hours. Also with inverter inside, it can charge for laptop and other electronic equipment. We focus on details for product produce process, the manufacture of Biglux solar power station is of high standards. Such as the surface treatment process, requiring no dust. And we used high quality material to each component. This can help clients improve their competitiveness in the market, bringing wider market application.


Solar Panel: 12* 460W, Monocrystalline Silicon

GEL Battery: 24 × 200Ah,DC12V,57600W·h

Inverter: 3kW/3kVA,50/60 Hz, 220VAC, Pure Sine Wave

Plug+Socket: 1 × 220VAC input+2 x 220VAC output

Controller: 2 × 60A MPPT,95% Efficiency

Trailer: EU Standard, Ball Hitch,Triple Axle,Manual Outrigger

Charging Time: 8.8 hours

Running Time: 25.6hours for 1800W

Controller panel 

Customer can operate the controller panel,it is very easy to operate it. And customer can review the battery status through the window.

MPPT controller panel with sockets, we have different voltage system 110v and 220v to meet different customer's requirements.

The charger sockets also have different standards according to customers needs.

BIGLUX Brand Mobile Solar Power Factory 11

Doing assembly of the Mobile Solar power station in the workshop

BIGLUX Brand Mobile Solar Power Factory 12

Color can be customized,our default color is white, we can paint other colors according to customer's requirements.

BIGLUX Brand Mobile Solar Power Factory 13

The slider quality is very good. It is very easy to pull the solar panel out.

BIGLUX Brand Mobile Solar Power Factory 14

Batteries details, our gel batteries quality is very good and stable, they can be used for 3-4 years without any broken, afterthat, customers can buy them from the local market very easily.

BIGLUX Brand Mobile Solar Power Factory 15

BIGLUX develops and implements specific & innovative mobile solar energy solutions for different industry applications. By adopting the latest SOLAR ,LED lighting, digital camera technology and smart controlling system, we can supply the best energy saving solar lighting tower, solar surveillance trailer for parking lot, construction site, military, mining, sports, events and emergency applications. What we have A strong expertise in energy and mobile SOLAR latest technologies A broad experience in LIGHTING AND SOLAR applications An insatiable thirst for smart intelligent controlled energy system A background of over 12 years' experience in SOLAR and LED industry A great heart of contribution to the most energy saving and environment friendly world. What we do BIGLUX offers professional SOLAR LIGHTING TOWER and surveillance solar tower system. Our unique designed mobile lighting tower are powered by solar, it can be widely used for airport, road construction, oil, mine or gas field work site. The solar lighting tower is quiet, and self-charging solution, it is perfectly for instant work site lighting. Headquartered in Shenzhen, China, BIGLUX is an innovation driven and qualiy oriented company.

If more details required about Biglux hipower station for mining, welcome to contact Biglux.

Company Information

As a modern company, BIGLUX INNOVATION LTD integrates scientific research and development, production and processing as well as marketing. And mobile solar power,mobile solar generator,mobile CCTV tower are our main products. BIGLUX Mobile Solar Power forges ahead with honesty and integrity. By complying with the corporate spirit, we intend to be sincere, responsible, pragmatic and innovative. We take a proactive approach to assume social responsibility. Making every product and serving every customer with attention is our constant pursuit. The win-win situation is what we always strive for. BIGLUX Mobile Solar Power has a professional team with experienced team members. Besides, we introduce international advanced production concepts and models to promote corporate development. We work hard to develop solutions that best meet the needs of our customers based on their actual situation, so as to help each customer succeed.
If you are in need for products of reliable quality and affordable price, please contact us at any time!

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