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BIGLUX Mobile Solar Security Trailer / 1
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BIGLUX Mobile Solar Security Trailer / 5
BIGLUX Mobile Solar Security Trailer / 1
BIGLUX Mobile Solar Security Trailer / 2
BIGLUX Mobile Solar Security Trailer / 3
BIGLUX Mobile Solar Security Trailer / 4
BIGLUX Mobile Solar Security Trailer / 5

BIGLUX Mobile Solar Security Trailer /


Product details of the mobile solar security trailer

Product Description

BIGLUX mobile solar security trailer is made of well-selected materials which are high quality and durable. mobile solar security trailer firstly take satisfying consumers' demand as aim. BIGLUX INNOVATION LTD can ensure the fastest and most accurate delivery date for mobile solar security trailer.


Portable Tower CCTV Digital Camera Mobile Solar Surveillance Trailer For Parking Lot Security With High Definition Camera


Solar cctv trailer with high definition camera specification:


Base System

Brand: BIGLUX 
Model:  HS4601G-6M
Material: Steel Q235
Transport: 1750×1450×1100 (mm)
Operate: 2750×2450×6200 (mm)
Weight: 650kg / 1433lb
System Voltage: DC12V
Work Temperature: -35℃~50℃ / -31℉~122℉

Solar System

Solar Panel: 1 × 460W,Monocrystalline Silicon

Battery System

GEL: 2 × 150Ah,Free-main,Deep-cycle
Voltage: DC12V
Series & Parallel: 2 in series, then parallel
Power Capacity: 4800W·h

CCTV System

Box: Square type
Device: Switch

Control System

Solar Controller:  MPPT,Hybrid 40A
Efficiency: 95%+
Detection & Protection: Short-Circuit,Overload,High Voltage,High Temperature

Mast System

Body: Aluminum Alloy 6063
Type: Round Telescopic
Height: 6m / 20ft
Section: 4
Spring Cable: 2 × Cat6 + 2 × Power Supply
Lifting Method:  Manual Winch
Recommended Loading: 5kg ~ 50kg / 11lb ~ 110lb
Windproof: 117km/h / 73mph

Trailer System

Standard: US / AU / EU
Tow Hitch: 50mm / 2'' Ball Type
Trailer Light: 7 Pin
Outrigger: 4 × Manual Galvanized

Solar cctv trailer with high definition camera photo for reference.


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As with the mission of our company, Using renewable solar energy to contribute to the goodness of the world. 


BIGLUX develops and implements the most energy saving and convenient mobile solar energy products over ten years.


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Company Advantage

• An elite team is of great importance for BIGLUX Mobile Solar Power's development. Our team is excellent and highly-educated, who is the motivation for us to make sustainable progress.
• Up to now, our products have a wide market and excellent reputation in the country. Besides, they are exported to Europe, America, Southeast Asia, the Middle East and other regions and firmly occupy some foreign market share.
• Our company enjoys a superior geographical position, convenient transportation and developed communication. All that creates good external environment for our own development.
• With a focus on service, BIGLUX Mobile Solar Power provides comprehensive services for customers. Constantly improving service ability contributes to the sustainable development of our company.
BIGLUX Mobile Solar Power is mainly engaged in mobile solar power,mobile solar generator,mobile CCTV tower. Our products are of top quality and favorable price. Feel free to contact us to order.

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