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BIGLUX Portable Solar Light Tower-1 1
BIGLUX Portable Solar Light Tower-1 2
BIGLUX Portable Solar Light Tower-1 3
BIGLUX Portable Solar Light Tower-1 4
BIGLUX Portable Solar Light Tower-1 5
BIGLUX Portable Solar Light Tower-1 6
BIGLUX Portable Solar Light Tower-1 1
BIGLUX Portable Solar Light Tower-1 2
BIGLUX Portable Solar Light Tower-1 3
BIGLUX Portable Solar Light Tower-1 4
BIGLUX Portable Solar Light Tower-1 5
BIGLUX Portable Solar Light Tower-1 6

BIGLUX Portable Solar Light Tower-1


Company Advantages

· Environmentally friendly materials are used in production of BIGLUX portable solar light tower.

· The product has the advantages of good quality and excellent performance.

· The product sells hot in the global market and has promising market potential.

Biglux 360 Rotation LED Mobile Solar Light Tower For Rental 

Biglux 360 rotaion led mobile solar light tower is ideal for rental. It has a wide range of application. They can be used in any working environment. Moreover, they have high cost performance. Biglux solar light is meticulously manufactured. It goes through the following process: Grinding - Removes all sharpness from temples; Sanding - Smooths the inside of the frame and removes lines; Tumbler - Removes the sharpness from the frames. The product features an easy operation. It has a relatively simple operating system combining a powerful processing flow and provides simple operation instruction. The product is highly marketable and is widely applied in the market currently.


Solar Panel: 3*460w

GEL Battery: 4 × 200Ah,DC12V,9600W·h

Lamp: 4 × 100W LED,IP65,60000Lms

Controller: 60A MPPT,95% Efficiency

Tilt: 90° Electric

Mast: Steel Q235,Square Telescopic type,6.5 m,5 Sections,

          Electric Winch Lifting,70kg Load,117kph Windproof

Base: Durable Base,4× Forklift Holes,Manual Outrigger

Charging Time: 5.6 hours

Running Time: 19.2 hours

The Cuboid Mobile Solar LED Light Tower is good for rental, also it can be used for multiple applications. Such as mining, this is the mining application picture at right side. Also it can be used below applications.

-Construction site lighting

-Mining areas lighting

-Temporary lighting

-Parking lot lighting

-Emergency lighting

The Cuboid led solar lights with 4*100w led lights,IP65,60000Lms. We used Philips  chip for them, the quality is very good.

MPPT controller

If customer want to have a  big emergency stop button to stop power coming from the unit. They can press the red solar battery isolator, it can stop the power.

We have designed 4 folklift holes for easy tranportation. Customers just put it on the lorry, to transport it around, in places where there are green/muds.

We have multiple options for the Cuboid tower:

1.) If we add led lights, it would be Cuboid solar led light tower.

2.)If we add cameras, it would be Cuboid solar surveillance tower.

3.)If there is no led lights and cameras, it would be Cuboid solar generator.

BIGLUX Portable Solar Light Tower-1 14

Mass production status photo for the Cuboid mobile solar led light tower

The advantage of Cuboid mobile led light tower, CCTV tower and mobile power is,

1. It is very good “to B “business as bulky.  40' container loading quantity is 19 sets, far more than 7 sets of 3 solar panels’ trailer mounted light tower and 4 sets of other styles, which greatly reduces the sea freight.

2. One truck can carry 10sets of Cuboid light tower, which is more than three times as many as trailer mounted light tower in general, greatly reducing the local transportation cost for customers; And a single bike that can be transported in bulk by truck rather than trailer

3. Unlike trailer mounted light tower, vandals can't easily move them, so customer don't need to worry about their normal operations.

4. The machine is tall and the pole is in the center, so the lights and monitoring cameras are not easy to be destroyed by the violators.



The Cuboid light tower is essentially same functions as the trailer mounted light tower. as most of our customers are deploying solar light towers in one place for a long period of time and do not need to move frequently, and the existence of forklift holes is sufficient to provide temporary mobility ,for example, changing deployment places or renting to someone else.

If you want to know more details about Biglux mobile solar led light tower for rental, welcome to message us or call us.Thanks.

Company Features

· BIGLUX INNOVATION LTD is an expert in manufacturing portable solar light tower. For years, we have accumulated broad experience in production and marketing.

· The factory is located in a place proximal to clients or vendors. The position advantage has significantly reduced travel or shipping expenses and enabled us to provide faster customer service.

· We are committed to being an environmentally responsible partner. We make sure that we have safe, efficient and environmentally conscious operating and manufacturing processes.

Product Details

Compared with ordinary products, our portable solar light tower has the specific differences as follows.

Application of the Product

Our portable solar light tower can be used in multiple scenarios.

Through problem analysis and reasonable planning, we provide our customers with an effective one-stop solution to the actual situation and needs of customers.

Product Comparison

Compared with similar products, our portable solar light tower has the following major characteristics.

Enterprise Advantages

With a comprehensive team management system, BIGLUX Mobile Solar Power has a dedicated production team and an R&D team with advanced technology. We also have a sales team who is really familiar with the business. And our professional service team sincerely provide you with services that satisfy customers' needs. All these promote corporate development.

BIGLUX Mobile Solar Power provides strong guarantee for multiple aspects such as product storage, packaging and logistics. Professional customer service staff will solve various problems for customers. The product can be exchanged at any time once it is confirmed to have quality problems.

Our company will continue to adhere to the business concept of 'customer service, customer satisfaction', and follow the spirit of 'strive for better, pursue excellence'. With the strong technical strength and serious attitude, we will create a first-class brand and build a good corporate image, striving to be a leading company in the industry.

Founded in our company has been continuously developed for years. With strong management, research and development, technology and service strengths, we have successfully entered the leading position in the industry.

Our products are mainly exported to foreign countries.

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