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BIGLUX Portable Solar Light Tower 1
BIGLUX Portable Solar Light Tower 2
BIGLUX Portable Solar Light Tower 3
BIGLUX Portable Solar Light Tower 4
BIGLUX Portable Solar Light Tower 5
BIGLUX Portable Solar Light Tower 1
BIGLUX Portable Solar Light Tower 2
BIGLUX Portable Solar Light Tower 3
BIGLUX Portable Solar Light Tower 4
BIGLUX Portable Solar Light Tower 5

BIGLUX Portable Solar Light Tower


Product details of the portable solar light tower

Product Overview

The design of BIGLUX portable solar light tower always follows the latest trend and will never go out of style. Its particular structure design gives it a tremendous application potential in the market. Its performance is tested by potential customers and the market research groups. BIGLUX Mobile Solar Power's portable solar light tower is widely used in various industries and fields. BIGLUX INNOVATION LTD has a scientifically sound management system while ensuring product quality.

Product Description

Our portable solar light tower has better quality performance by virtue of the following excellent details.

Off gird mobile solar skid light tower

Biglux Skid Light Tower is powered by newable energy SOLAR, and could be relocated with forklifts. In addition to an array of powerful LED lamps and solar energy, the main differences between this skid mounted led light tower and trailer mounted version are the base and application sites. The light tower with durable base is special designed for dragging on the mud roads of construction sites and mining or oil areas, the desert, ice fileds, prairies, etc.


Solar Panel: 3 × 460W,94pcs,Monocrystalline Silicon

GEL Battery: 8 × 150Ah,DC12V,14400W·h

LED light: 4 × 150W outdoor LED light, IP65, 60000Lms

Controller: 60A MPPT,95% Efficiency

Mast: Steel Q235,Square Telescopic type,9 m, Hydraulic Lifting,

 360 Rotation,100kg Load,117kph Windproof

Base: AU Standard,Durable Skid,Forklift Holes,Manual Outrigger

Charging Time: 9 hours

Running Time: 19 hours

Solar skid light tower

The skid solar light tower can be used for mining and industry. With the thick base, it can be pulled in muddy areas.

Professional design

Biglux Skid solar light tower 9 m, Hydraulic Lifting and base, it is good for heavy industry use. As the base design can be pulled by tools.

Biglux Skid solar light tower has below advantages:

No fuel or diesel

No testing and tagging expenses

No additional labor costs for fueling and checking

LED lighting towers reduces heat and bulb maintenance

Industrial quality

Efficient and portable

Reliable components ensure maximum light output

19 to 20 hour run time on a 9-hour charge

Robust chassis

Optimum productivity

LED light: 4 × 150W outdoor LED light, IP65, 60000Lms

High quality products

Some skind solar light towers are in the workshop,they are ready to assembly.

BIGLUX Portable Solar Light Tower 14

Biglux off grid skid mobile light towers are the solution to supply lighting during the sun going down.  This portable light offers industrial, commercial, construction and mine sites the opportunity to work at night in complete safety. Powered by the sun during the day when it charges it needs no fuel or diesel to run at night, no testing and tagging and reduced number of labors because there is no need to fuel it up. Now, everybody has access to this amazing mobile solar light tower with LED green technology either for rental, hire or sale.

If customers want to know more details about the off grid solar skid light tower, please feel free to contact us, we will get back to you very shortly.

Company Advantages

BIGLUX INNOVATION LTD is a processing enterprise integrating development, production and sales. And we are buried in managing mobile solar power,mobile solar generator,mobile CCTV tower. We take meeting customer's needs as our duty. By establishing a comprehensive service system, we provide our customers with personalized services to enhance their satisfaction. Welcome new and old customers to negotiate business.

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