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Custom Solar Security Trailer BIGLUX 1
Custom Solar Security Trailer BIGLUX 2
Custom Solar Security Trailer BIGLUX 3
Custom Solar Security Trailer BIGLUX 4
Custom Solar Security Trailer BIGLUX 5
Custom Solar Security Trailer BIGLUX 6
Custom Solar Security Trailer BIGLUX 7
Custom Solar Security Trailer BIGLUX 1
Custom Solar Security Trailer BIGLUX 2
Custom Solar Security Trailer BIGLUX 3
Custom Solar Security Trailer BIGLUX 4
Custom Solar Security Trailer BIGLUX 5
Custom Solar Security Trailer BIGLUX 6
Custom Solar Security Trailer BIGLUX 7

Custom Solar Security Trailer BIGLUX


Company Advantages

· BIGLUX solar security trailer is required to go through various inspections. Its raw materials (ingredients and safety), abrasion resistance, hypoallergenic feature, and its physical properties (rigidity, tensile strength, etc.) will be carefully checked.

· This product features lasting comfort. Its anatomical arch support improves foot and leg alignment, which can greatly enhance feet comfort.

· Customers who bought this product praised that there are no sharp edges or metal burrs on it, hence, they have no worry that they will get themselves hurt.

Mobile solar portable surveillance trailer 

Solar CCTV is available in a wide range of types, styles, colors, and shapes. It can greatly meet the diversified market demand.The mobile Solar portable surveillance trailer was developed and produced by our company can be widely used in various industries and professional fields.Such as parking lot, construction site, events, mining, oil & gas,schools, and emergency rescue etc. Its incredible heat and scratch resistance properties make it the perfect option for people. It can endure daily frequent use.


Solar Panel: 3* 460W, Monocrystalline Silicon

Battery: 6*200Ah,DC12V, 14400W·h lead acid batteries

Spring Cable: 2 × Cat6 + 2 × Supply

with CCTV mounting box, PoE Switch, DC24V-12V

Controller: 60A MPPT,95% Efficiency

Mast: Steel Q235,Square Telescopic type,6.5 m,5 Sections,

          Manual Winch Lifting,70kg Load,117kph Windproof

Trailer: US/EU/AU Standard,Ball Hitch,Single Axle,Manual Outrigger

Charging Time: 8.8 hours

Running Time: 4 Days for 120W

System Voltage:  DC24V 

Two door design,esaier maintenance

Considering customer's maintenance for the battery and other parts,we have designed two doors for the customer,so they don't need to open the controlling system side's door, if the whole system is working.

Think for customer industrial design

Fans in the battery space for better heat conduction. We also designed shutters for the trailer heat conduction.

Custom Solar Security Trailer BIGLUX 12

Mass production photo in the workshop

Custom Solar Security Trailer BIGLUX 13

Different colors and even your color available.

Custom Solar Security Trailer BIGLUX 14

We used good quality of our trailer, for example,we use  25mm thickness for the spring cable. This can be used for 10 years without any error.

Custom Solar Security Trailer BIGLUX 15

1.Pull out design to extend using life.

2. Smaller size make transportation easier.

3.Smaller size saving shipping cost.

Custom Solar Security Trailer BIGLUX 16

Biglux mobile solar portable surveillance trailer with no noise, no maintenance, no pollutions. and it is easy to place at anywhere.

Biglux develops and implements specific & innovative solar energy solutions for different industry applications. By adopting the latest solar,led lighting, digital camera technology.We can supply the best energy saving solar lighting tower,surveillance solar trailer for multiple applications.

If you like our mobile solar portable surveillance trailer, welcome to send us your inquiry, we will get back to you within 6 hours.

Company Features

· BIGLUX has been widely recognized by its customers with its solid technology and professional solar security trailer.

· Our professional team members show their expertise in the design and manufacturing process. They highly excel in engineering, design, manufacturing, testing and quality control for years in the solar security trailer industry. With our extensive sales network, we have exported our products including solar security trailer to many countries around the world while establishing a reliable strategic relationship with many large and famous companies.

· BIGLUX INNOVATION LTD adheres to the core value of honesty and has long been adhering to the strategy of sustainable development.

Product Details

Want to know more about product information? We will provide you with detailed pictures and detailed content of solar security trailer in the following section for your reference.

Application of the Product

BIGLUX Mobile Solar Power's solar security trailer is widely used in various industries and fields.

Our solutions are developed by understanding the customer's situation and combining the current market conditions. Therefore, they are all targeted and can effectively solve problems of customers.

Product Comparison

Compared with other similar products, our solar security trailer has the following advantages.

Enterprise Advantages

BIGLUX Mobile Solar Power thinks highly of talents introduction and cultivation. We have an experienced and professional talents team who plays a significant role in our company's rapid development.

BIGLUX Mobile Solar Power runs the business in good faith and strives to provide quality services for customers.

Our company always sticks to the business philosophy of 'based on integrity, changing through innovation, and advancing with the times'. Depending on technological innovation and talent advantages, our company strives to meet customers' needs as much as possible and provides customers with better products and services.

BIGLUX Mobile Solar Power was established in We have rich industry experience because we have been focusing on the production and sales of mobile solar power,mobile solar generator,mobile CCTV tower for years.

BIGLUX Mobile Solar Power's mobile solar power,mobile solar generator,mobile CCTV tower are deeply trusted by customers. They occupy a large market share in China and are exported to Europe, America, Southeast Asia, and other countries and regions.

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