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Portable Security Camera Towers BIGLUX Brand 1
Portable Security Camera Towers BIGLUX Brand 2
Portable Security Camera Towers BIGLUX Brand 3
Portable Security Camera Towers BIGLUX Brand 4
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Portable Security Camera Towers BIGLUX Brand 1
Portable Security Camera Towers BIGLUX Brand 2
Portable Security Camera Towers BIGLUX Brand 3
Portable Security Camera Towers BIGLUX Brand 4
Portable Security Camera Towers BIGLUX Brand 5
Portable Security Camera Towers BIGLUX Brand 6

Portable Security Camera Towers BIGLUX Brand


Company Advantages

· BIGLUX portable security camera towers is designed by professional furniture designers. They approach the product from a practical point of view as well as aesthetics view, making it in line with the space.

· The quality of this product is guaranteed because it has passed international certification such as ISO certification.

· To provide quality services to domestic and foreign merchants is BIGLUX INNOVATION LTD's constant pursuit.

High definition security camera with mobile solar trailer off grid solar system for outdoor security monitoring


Mobile solar trailer with CCTV camera specification:


Base System


Name:Solar CCTV Trailer

Model: HS4603G-6M

Material:Steel Q235

Powder:Outdoor Type


〓 Transport: 2300×1600×2200 (mm)

〓 Operate: 3200×3400×6200 (mm)

Weight:1150kg / 2550lb

System Voltage:DC24V

Work Temperature:-35℃~50℃ / -31℉~122℉

Solar System

Solar Panel:3 × 460W ▲Monocrystalline Silicon

Battery System

GEL:6 × 200Ah ▲Free-main▲Deep-cycle


Series & Parallel:2 in series, then parallel

Power Capacity:14400W·h

CCTV System

Box:Square type


Control System

Solar Controller: MPPT▲60A


Detection & Protection:Short-Circuit▲Overload▲High Voltage▲High Temperature

Mast System

Body:Aluminum Alloy 6063 ▲Hard Anodized

Type:Round Telescopic

Height:6m / 20ft


Spring Cable:2 × Cat6 + 2 × Power Supply

Lifting Method: Manual Winch

Recommended Loading:5kg ~ 50kg / 11lb ~ 110lb

Windproof:117km/h / 73mph

Trailer System

Standard:US / AU / EU

Tow Hitch:50mm / 2'' Ball Type

Trailer Light:7 Pin

Outrigger:4 × Manual Galvanized

Warranty:2 years

Mobile solar trailer with CCTV camera photo for reference.



Marketing News


A normal global supply chain is one of the key factors to reduce the manufacturing cost of solar modules.


Citing a study by relevant institutions, it was found that the global supply chain of solar energy has saved more than $67 billion in solar production costs per country.


The world is deploying and installing renewable energy sources, such as solar power, at an unprecedented rate in an attempt to reduce carbon emissions and protect the environment. According to a recent report by a research group, the total installed capacity of solar power in all countries is approaching 1 TW, with 250 GW expected to be installed this year alone.


New solar energy sources are likely to play a crucial role in achieving the future goal of sustainable, low-carbon energy, especially if production prices remain as low as they have been for the past 40 years. The global solar supply chain has saved more than $67 billion in solar production costs for all countries, according to the research institute. The study also found that if some countries engaged in supply chains adjust their policies to limit the free flow of goods, talent and capital, the overall production cost of solar products would rise significantly by 2030. This is the inevitable result of the globalization of supply chains.


The study is the first to calculate the cost of a global supply chain for the solar industry, the institute said, but comes at a time when many countries are introducing policies to control renewable energy supply chains for the benefit of domestic manufacturers. Take the tariffs imposed by the Trump administration in 2019, when the US Trade Representative announced higher tariffs on Chinese goods, including from 25 percent to 30 percent on $250 billion worth of Chinese imports. These policies complicate the accelerated deployment of renewable energy, such as solar, by raising production costs. But in June, the Biden administration announced a 24-month tariff exemption for solar products made in Cambodia, Malaysia, Thailand and Vietnam.


According to the research, international cooperation is the key to solving global climate change, and such trade protection policies will hurt every supply chain country and cause climate targets to be delayed.


According to the research results of relevant institutions, the global price of solar products will be about 25% higher by 2030 if every country relies on its own manufacturing, compared with a future with global supply chains. It will also greatly slow the pace of people's efforts to protect the environment to achieve carbon emissions.


For the three largest exporters of solar products, China, the United States and Germany, the savings from a global solar supply chain are $36 billion in China, $24 billion in the United States and $7 billion in Germany, according to the research group. If all three countries adopt protectionist policies at the same time, the price of solar panels will be significantly higher. It is estimated that China will rise by 54 per cent, the US by 107 per cent and Germany by 83 per cent.


If we are really serious about tackling climate change, then every national policy maker needs to promote cooperation in global value chains and scale up cooperation in low-carbon energy technologies.


As with the mission of our company, Using renewable solar energy to contribute to the goodness of the world.


BIGLUX develops and implements the most energy saving and convenient mobile solar energy products over ten years.


If you have any interested mobile solar trailer with CCTV camera, please feel free to contact us to get the right solution.


Company Features

· By cause of the accumulation of reasonable plan and advanced technology, BIGLUX has become an important portable security camera towers production base.

· BIGLUX is outstanding for its high end portable security camera towers. BIGLUX employs high-end machines to manufacture portable security camera towers.

· Our goal is that we constantly deliver required business results, meet deadlines and comply with quality, productivity and performance standards.

Product Details

With a focus on quality, BIGLUX Mobile Solar Power pays great attention to the details of portable security camera towers.

Application of the Product

The portable security camera towers produced by BIGLUX Mobile Solar Power is widely used.

We are committed to meeting the need of our customers. We will go deeper into their situation and provide them with most suitable solutions.

Product Comparison

The portable security camera towers of BIGLUX Mobile Solar Power has the following advantages, compared with similar products in the market.

Enterprise Advantages

BIGLUX Mobile Solar Power gathers a group of high-quality and high-efficiency talents. They have rich industry experience and exquisite production technology and greatly promote efficient business operation.

We adhere to the service tenet of 'sincerely consider for the customer and try our best to share the worries for the customer'. And our goal is to provide high-quality service for customers.

Based on the belief of 'only by working hard can we survive' and 'customers are the center', BIGLUX Mobile Solar Power insists on taking quality and innovation as the starting point of enterprise development, and strives to become a world-class company with international competitiveness.

Since the inception in BIGLUX Mobile Solar Power has always been adhering to the development philosophy of 'quality-rooted, responsibility-based'. During the development for years, we have won the recognition and praise from the market and consumers.

BIGLUX Mobile Solar Power's product sales network is spread all over the world.

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