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Wholesale Mobile Solar Panel Trailer BIGLUX Brand 1
Wholesale Mobile Solar Panel Trailer BIGLUX Brand 2
Wholesale Mobile Solar Panel Trailer BIGLUX Brand 3
Wholesale Mobile Solar Panel Trailer BIGLUX Brand 4
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Wholesale Mobile Solar Panel Trailer BIGLUX Brand 6
Wholesale Mobile Solar Panel Trailer BIGLUX Brand 1
Wholesale Mobile Solar Panel Trailer BIGLUX Brand 2
Wholesale Mobile Solar Panel Trailer BIGLUX Brand 3
Wholesale Mobile Solar Panel Trailer BIGLUX Brand 4
Wholesale Mobile Solar Panel Trailer BIGLUX Brand 5
Wholesale Mobile Solar Panel Trailer BIGLUX Brand 6

Wholesale Mobile Solar Panel Trailer BIGLUX Brand


Product details of the mobile solar panel trailer

Product Description

The outline of mobile solar panel trailer is neutral and can be accepted by a wide arrange of people. The rigorous testing process makes the product be high quality and stable performance. BIGLUX INNOVATION LTD will have a stronger competitive advantage in the long term.

LED flood light Solar Portable Telescopic Mast Mobile Light Tower for World Cup Qatar 2022


LED lights with mobile solar trailer specification:


Base System

Name:Solar Light Tower

Model: HL4604G-9H-1006

Material:Steel Q235

Powder:Outdoor Type


2600×2275×2400 (mm) Transport

3800×6475×9250 (mm) Operate

Weight:2100kg / 4630lb

System Voltage:DC48V

Work Temperature:-35℃~60℃ / -31℉~140℉

Solar System

Solar Panel:4 × 460W Monocrystalline Silicon 72pcs

Battery System

Battery GEL:8 × 200Ah Free-main Deep-cycle Electric Fan


Series & Parallel:4 in series, then parallel

Power Capacity:19200W·h

Light System

LED:6 × 100W Module Outdoor Type

Protection Class:IP65


Beam angle:20° 40° 60° 90° 110°


Control System

Solar Controller: MPPT


Detection & Protection:

  • Short-Circuit 

  • Overload 

  • High Voltage 

  • High Temperature

Timer:Dusk & Dawn

Whole Machine:

  • Battery Isolator

  • Each Light on-off

  • Light up-down

  • Mast up-down

Mast System

Body:Steel Q235 Hot Dip Galvanized

Type:Square Telescopic

Height:9m / 30ft


Rotation:Horizontal 360° Manual Vertical 90° Electric

Spring Cable:Power Supply

Lifting Method:Hydraulic

Recommended Loading:5kg ~ 100kg / 11lb ~ 220lb

Windproof:118km/h / 73mph

Trailer System

Standard:US / AU / EU

Tow Hitch:50mm / 2'' Ball Type

Trailer Light:7 Pin

Axle:Single Suspension Bump Brake

Wheel Chock:2

Forklift Hole:2

Outrigger:4 × Manual Galvanized    

Warranty:2 years

LED lights with mobile solar trailer photo for reference.

Wholesale Mobile Solar Panel Trailer BIGLUX Brand 7


Knowledge News


What Matters Should Be Paid Attention To In The Daily Maintenance Of Solar Monitoring Cameras?


Check and maintain battery (group) and photovoltaic controller and inverter


Check and maintain batteries


(1) Keep the battery room clean to prevent dust from entering; Keep the room dry and well ventilated and well lit, but should not direct sunlight onto the battery. 


(2) Indoor fireworks are strictly prohibited, especially when the battery is in charging state. 


(3) When maintaining batteries, maintenance personnel should wear protective glasses, body protective equipment, and use insulation devices to prevent personnel from damaging batteries electric shock to prevent battery short circuit and circuit break. 


(4) Often carry out the normal inspection of the battery. 


(5) When using the battery normally, please do not use any organic solvent to clean the battery, and do not remove the battery for safety valve or in the battery to add any substance, battery discharge should be charged as soon as possible, so as not to affect the capacity of the battery. 


Inspection and maintenance of pv controller and inverter


(1)The operation and use of photovoltaic controller and inverter should be carried out in strict accordance with the requirements and provisions of the operation manual. Check whether the input voltage is normal before starting; When operating, we should pay attention to whether the order of the switch is correct, and whether the indicator light and the head of the table are normal. 


(2)Controller and inverter in the occurrence of open, over current, over voltage, overheating and other faults, generally will enter the automatic protection state and stop working. Once these equipment is down, do not turn on immediately, to find out the cause and repair the power again. 


(3)When there is high pressure in the inverter chassis or cabinet, operators should not open the chassis or cabinet, and the cabinet door should be locked at ordinary times. When the ambient temperature exceeds 30 ° C, take cooling and heat dissipation measures to prevent device faults and prolong device service life. Check the temperature, sound and smell inside the machine regularly. 


(4)Maintenance and overhaul of controllers and inverters: Strictly check whether the cables of controllers and inverters are loose (such as fuses, fans, power modules, input and output terminals, and grounding), and immediately repair the loose cables.


BIGLUX develops and implements the most energy saving and convenient mobile solar energy products over ten years, Our products mainly include mobile solar power tower fully featured with lighting tower, CCTV security trailer, telecom tower and power charging trailer.


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