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Why Solar Generators? 

Under the background of the contemporary global energy crisis and the continuous rise of oil prices, it is the general trend that renewable energy represented by solar energy has become one of the necessities of industry, commerce and civil use.


Traditional generators are loud, create exhaust and usually require fuel, oil & maintenance on-site. Solar is quiet, clean and can operate independently without on-site supervision. Real time remote monitoring lets you monitor power use, generation capacity and more. Integrated hardware can allow you to send or transmit data wirelessly – even from remote areas. Forget fuel bills, oil and maintenance and just flip a switch, plug in and go with solar.

No loud noise from stinky exhaust like traditional generators have.
See power generation, use, storage and more in real time on mobile or desktop.
Combine larger solar arrays or multiple units for heavy demand.
Time tested reliability that is cost competitive with traditional generators.
Tested in remote and extreme environments. Lockable.
Tow to remote locations or position where ever you need power.
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What’s Your Benefit?

Invest USD30000 as deposit, get investment return in 6 months, and then lying win money in the next 10 years.

After being our partner, you provide short- and long-term rental solar generators, solar light towers, solar CCTV tower and other mobile solar power equipment rentals, lease and sale. Our mobile solar power related products are solar powered and can be towed to almost any location. You can rent to businesses and individuals across your countries and area, and provide delivery and pickup service, and earn money accordingly. 

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Your Power, Our Passion

BIGLUX is dedicated to supply multiple mobile solar power solutions for different commercial and industrial applications, for example, our mobile solar generator is used for supplying power for telecom tower, mobile solar light tower and mobile CCTV tower is used for outdoor parking lot and other public events.      

BIGLUX promotes our mobile solar generators through strong expertise, customized support, and cooperation with leading global media partners.
BIGLUX has focused on the iteration and development of mobile solar generator since inception. With strength of independent R&D, we have broken through leading technologies one after another to meet the diversified and personalized needs of customers from different fields.
BIGLUX will always provide long-term cooperation for our partners and distributors. We will provide stable market support, technical support, training, sales leads and more services to help our distributors while promoting BIGLUX. We value our partners and invest in their continuous growth.
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The team at BIGLUX INNOVATON LTD has over 10 years’ experience on working with mobile solar generator, mobile light tower, mobile CCTV tower, and other mobile power solution systems. Our systems have powered governments, military and residential clients to match power configurations, on-site needs, delivery and setup.

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