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Precautionary and Emergency Equipment Associated with Wildfires

On August 8, local time in the United States, the wildfires that broke out on Maui, Hawaii and the situation of the local people still touched people's hearts.

It was reported that the warning system that should have alerted people to this disaster did not work, only sending mobile phone and network notifications in the early stage, but the network system was cut off after the power system was destroyed.

Precautionary and Emergency Equipment Associated with Wildfires 1

Warning and emergency systems are vital for natural disasters; and wildfires are considered one of the worst disasters in nature.We want to minimize the losses caused by natural disasters as much as possible. For example, we can consider the following suggestions:

1. Detect fire points early.

Forest and grassland fires are hard to spot until they become large. By using thermal imaging technology, such as an infrared thermal imaging fire prevention monitoring system, we can detect abnormal temperatures and trigger a temperature alarm in time,  take appropriate actions as soon as possible to reduce losses.

Precautionary and Emergency Equipment Associated with Wildfires 2

2. Deploy self-working solar power system in advance

Deploy mobile solar power systems to provide electricity for the emergency systems, such as alarms, telecom stations, medical equipment, etc., to make evacuation more timely and arrange for wounded treatment properly to ensure human safety.

Precautionary and Emergency Equipment Associated with Wildfires 3

3. Have self-working solar power lighting system

Deploy mobile solar light towers to help rescue team members search for disaster victims at night and under heavy fog and smoke; it can also provide night lighting for disaster victims' resettlement points.

Precautionary and Emergency Equipment Associated with Wildfires 4

4. Have self-working solar power supply monitoring system

Deploy mobile solar CCTV towers to help security and management. Social security is also an issue that cannot be ignored. In the case where the previous monitoring equipment was destroyed, some temporary monitoring equipment is essential.

Precautionary and Emergency Equipment Associated with Wildfires 5

In short, all these deployment arrangements and equipments need electricity; and this electricity comes from the mobile solar trailers that can work independently and self-work. They convert solar energy into electricity and store it in batteries, then power the corresponding equipments. They are easy to use and environmentally friendly. They do not need grid electricity, fuel or long wires. This makes them an efficient and sustainable choice for providing temporary electricity. In addition, they can also be easily transported and quickly installed to cooperate with corresponding equipments, making them a convenient solution for meeting mobile power needs.

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