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HiSecurity solar surveillance trailer tower can be installed in minutes, providing immediate security for your parking lots. It’s fully portable, too, so simply move it to a new location if your needs change.
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Our trailers are built standard with the best features and are customized according to your needs. ● Solar-Powered – no external power needed ● HD Cameras (live full-motion video) ● LED Lights/Remote controlled floodlights ● Motion sensing ● Night vision
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Mining camps are constantly at a high risk for theft and other security issues. Heavy equipment left out and unguarded can pose an opportunity for security breaches and open companies up to the possibility of theft.
Solar power generation technology has gradually emerged in the military field in recent years, and has become an important object of research and development by military experts from various countries. For example, the energy demand for military equipments and military life is very huge. Solar application technology enables military solar products to generate energy locally, not only saving energy, but also very convenient, especially in remote areas or borders.
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The biggest problem facing most industries operating in remote areas is access to the outside world or managing their equipment when personnel are not on location. We install your own network onto the RPS platform so that all equipment control is reliable. You have robust communication capability with an extensive range which forms the basis of connectivity with equipment, people and the outside world. Communication is now available in all remote areas.
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Connection is a beautiful thing. It’s even more beautiful when it can transform the way we farm. And that’s the power of the Internet of Things (IoT). IoT combines data and digital connection for a smarter, safer, more efficient farm.
Safety and Reliability are critical for communication and visibility between equipment and people. RPS provides a complete solution to the challenges faced by our critical services. The RPS platform enables equipment to be powered using rapid deployable and mobile, renewable energy with the ability to control / automate devices whilst being monitored through our smart interface.
When working in remote areas or across large span operations without accessible grid power, management of resources and equipment can be a challenge. The RPS platform connects and powers your operation with the added safety benefits of a localised communications network in case of emergencies.
Running an event in a remote location or over a long distance is challenging when you want to put participant safety first. RPS can remove the challenges of operating in remote areas with an easily transportable power and network solution, opening areas which just weren’t accessible before!
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Escaping the city life has its advantages, but some critical infrastructure is still needed should someone get injured or be at threat from natural disaster or intrusion.
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